Important to schedule changes, your web designer will love you!

Big Changes at the last minute!

I admit it, there are times… when I wait to the last minute to schedule an important task and then need it NOW! Does that happen to you? When you need to have changes to a website – and need it NOW, you risk the relationship between you and your web professional and the audience

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Updates, bother or not? Yes, but with Caution - Neal Resources

Updates in WordPress

WordPress websites (hosted by your company – not the free hosted version) require updates and tweaks from time to time. WHY DOES MY DASHBOARD SAY …. Please update now? Innovation – Creativity – Some Beta Testing WordPress is a great blogging format. It is open source and has a multitude of coders working to change

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Better instructions

Instructions – Necessary & Neglected Skill

I’ll read the instructions later… During the holidays, I bet a lot of us received toys, tools, electronics, smartphones and who knows what else. Chances are good that we either received instructions in the box or “help” area but promptly ignored those and dug in to put together, start or use the item. Be honest.

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Domains - Know what you are buying

Part 2 – When Buying Domains

As the economy and markets get more competitive, I’ve noticed a trend with the companies that offer domain names. They are offering very inexpensive domain names but not including many of the services that used to come automatically. What do I mean? Well, recently a client purchased a domain for a low dollar investment. Once

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Neal Resources How long ago did you update your website?

How long ago did you update your website?

Content is King – but not when it is stale and out-of-date. Yes, I am as guilty as many website owners – not of a serious nature that involves breaking any laws! However, it is easy to let far too much time pass between the posts and updates to content on your website. Not only

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2011 Free doesn't mean forever

Google to shut down some services

Google offers a lot of internet tools online for free. And like most businesses, there comes a time where it must review the overall costs and benefits of offering services (whether for free or a fee). If you are a client, you know that I caution you about relying on free products or services online.

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