I admit it, there are times…

when I wait to the last minute to schedule an important task and then need it NOW! Does that happen to you?

When you need to have changes to a website – and need it NOW, you risk the relationship between you and your web professional and the audience for your rush changes.


Often last minute urgent changes can be more costly and sometimes the reality is that the web professional has scheduled projects at that same time. To make both of your lives less complicated, when you know that a change will be needed, let your web professional know approximately the date and what kinds of changes to expect.

If you can schedule a block of time – that you will have the content changes available and they will have time to work on it, you will be a ROCK STAR!

What kinds of things
should be scheduled?

  • If you have a marketing promotion happening on a certain date that involves the website.
  • If you need landing pages, forms, graphics or photos, slideshows, or upcoming events – that you will need help to create.
  • Of course, revamps of the design or elements of the website
  • If you are working with a marketing professional that makes suggestions for your website – like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), renaming web pages or things that will affect your navigation on your website.
  • These are just a few examples.

If you add a facebook page for your business, there is also the opportunity for your web designer to add code and image elements that will make sharing your website pages easier, that is a good time to talk with or contact your web designer and update them on what you may be doing that can be included on your website.

By no means is this a comprehensive list – but a quick reminder that working with your web designer/professional can be a positive and respectful relationship with a little effort on both parts to schedule updates and make deadlines not be so stressful.

Adrenaline is good sometimes – but would you rather have time to clarify details, if needed, or maybe you both be a little more creative with a little time to make the big changes look great and include all the elements that will help make it successful?

Note: I enjoy my clients and am eager for their projects and businesses to be successful. To be able to schedule changes, is one way to build that business relationship and accountability too.