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Happy Independence - Freedom and time

Happy Independence Day!

Celebrating the 4th of July reminds us to seek Freedom When the American colonies declared independence, they were staking claim to their rights under “natural law” and saying “no” to the King’s increasing demands for more and more of their hard earned rewards in life. I’ve heard that the “tax” that finally broke the camel’s

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Blog or Not?

Is it easy to set up a Blog?

Recently I have received a number of questions about blogging. Here is my take on the subject: SO MANY BLOGS, MUST BE EASY! First, if you have a topic that you are either passionate about, an expert on, or have a business that you would like to have content that helps support your customer base,

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Domains - Know what you are buying

Know What You are Buying!

Before you buy the domain, thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the registrar. They need to abide by the guidelines of the ICANN and make sure you can redirect name servers or DNS if needed in the future. Make sure that you are buying the domain and NOT leasing it from the company. Don’t

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Web project contract and wishlist image by Neal Resources

What should be covered in quote?

Briefly, your quote should happen AFTER a good conversation about what you want and need, what you like and dislike, what you expect from your web professional – how involved they will be in content creation, what technologies they have worked with, willingness to train you if you want to ultimately handle updates (like for

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Before a Quote do your prep, research your audience

Before Asking for a Quote

Know your website’s purpose, gain knowledge about your audience and their internet use, commit to expending effort on preparation and development of content for your website. Have a plan for how often you will add fresh content and whether you want to include social networking in the design (Twitter posts or a Blog).

What Kind of Website to Build

What kind of website do you want? The purpose of your website helps determine what to build.