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Important to schedule changes, your web designer will love you!

Big Changes at the last minute!

I admit it, there are times… when I wait to the last minute to schedule an important task and then need it NOW! Does that happen to you? When you need to have changes to a website – and need it NOW, you risk the relationship between you and your web professional and the audience

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TAG – 2D way to Share Info

Oct 17th – TAG, You’re IT – Free Networking As a Web Designer, I constantly review articles, social media and look for new trends that are happening online. Although mobile website creation has not previously been a big part of my business, I recently saw how BIG an impact a PRINT tool can make for

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Computers and Tech @ ABWA Success

Turning the Bad and Ugly parts to Good! Is sitting at your Computer killing you? by Ashley Greninger. Plus, Make Safer choices for Online by Robin Neal. Ashley Greninger, Lotus Heart Posture shares that according to CBS news there is a new warning from health experts: Sitting can be deadly. Scientists are increasingly warning that

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