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Blog or Not?

Is it easy to set up a Blog?

Recently I have received a number of questions about blogging. Here is my take on the subject: SO MANY BLOGS, MUST BE EASY! First, if you have a topic that you are either passionate about, an expert on, or have a business that you would like to have content that helps support your customer base,

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Web project contract and wishlist image by Neal Resources

What should be covered in quote?

Briefly, your quote should happen AFTER a good conversation about what you want and need, what you like and dislike, what you expect from your web professional – how involved they will be in content creation, what technologies they have worked with, willingness to train you if you want to ultimately handle updates (like for

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Before a Quote do your prep, research your audience

Before Asking for a Quote

Know your website’s purpose, gain knowledge about your audience and their internet use, commit to expending effort on preparation and development of content for your website. Have a plan for how often you will add fresh content and whether you want to include social networking in the design (Twitter posts or a Blog).

What Kind of Website to Build

What kind of website do you want? The purpose of your website helps determine what to build.