Content is King – but not when it is stale and out-of-date.

Yes, I am as guilty as many website owners – not of a serious nature that involves breaking any laws!

However, it is easy to let far too much time pass between the posts and updates to content on your website. Not only search engines but people – your audience or potential audience – are looking for fresh content, useful info that entertains or educates or engages them.

Think about it, how often will you turn to a tv show, radio show or video channel online if it only repeats the same content day-after-day, week-after-week? I’m betting not often. So, why should it be any different with your website or Facebook or other online tools?

Immediate things to do:

  • Check your home page for old info, note what is stale or boring
  • Check your page that is your story (About, Information, and/or Contact pages) for terms like “been in business for 7 years,” does it reflect how long your company really has been in business?
  • Do you have some kind of Call-to-Action? That may be a subscribe for future news or specials, enews, or other opportunity to connect with them personally. Or perhaps and freebie, coupon, or call for a free consultation…
  • Do you have all your online marketing tools connected and shown for easy access? For instance, if you added a Facebook business page or Twitter account, did you let your website know?
  • If you have a Facebook business page, have you updated your Timeline cover image and used the guidelines to make sure your page is in line – no website address or email, coupons or other types of marketing that direct people away from the Facebook interface, or looks like a billboard ad? You could jeopardize your page if you include the wrong stuff on the cover.
  • Do you have a blog? If so, you should consider blogging no less than a couple of times a month. If not, you may be missing a great opportunity to share your expertise and generate better search traffic.
  • Okay, look at your answers to the above questions. What is missing or needs help? Honestly.

Every business is different, as is every owner.

You are hurting yourself and your business if you have overlooked any or all of these items. So, let me take a moment to encourage you to update the info, create new info or get rid of old and inaccurate info to spruce up your web presence.

Take action NOW!

Call your current web professional or find one that can help you improve your website.

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