TAG – 2D way to Share Info

Oct 17th – TAG, You’re IT – Free Networking As a Web Designer, I constantly review articles, social media and look for new trends that are happening online. Although mobile website creation has not previously been a big part of my business, I recently saw how BIG an impact a PRINT tool can make for

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Neal Resources - Facebook or not?

Facebook – Replace a Biz Website?

Facebook is getting a lot of attention lately. With the option to interact with those who have LIKED your business page, your business can reach an audience and provide info, contests, videos, access to your blog or sign up for subscriptions and oh so much more. Why work on a website? Because everyone is NOT

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Missing Max

Wanted to share a book that is out now, Missing Max by Julie Schrock, a local Colorado mother. Excerpt on the book’s release page: “Julie’s hope in writing Max’s story is that it will provide strength, hope, courage and faith to those who need it. And she hopes that Max, and all fallen soldiers, will

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If a theme looks good, is it good?

How Do I Know if a WordPress Theme is Good?

First, no, I don’t plan on posting daily. But when struck by inspiration, I must follow. When I like the LOOK of a WordPress Theme, I should use it, Right? After trying several different companies for Premium WordPress Themes (aka: Paid), several important factors jump to mind. There are hundreds of thousands of themes available

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Happy Independence - Freedom and time

Happy Independence Day!

Celebrating the 4th of July reminds us to seek Freedom When the American colonies declared independence, they were staking claim to their rights under “natural law” and saying “no” to the King’s increasing demands for more and more of their hard earned rewards in life. I’ve heard that the “tax” that finally broke the camel’s

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Blog or Not?

Is it easy to set up a Blog?

Recently I have received a number of questions about blogging. Here is my take on the subject: SO MANY BLOGS, MUST BE EASY! First, if you have a topic that you are either passionate about, an expert on, or have a business that you would like to have content that helps support your customer base,

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