As the economy and markets get more competitive, I’ve noticed a trend with the companies that offer domain names. They are offering very inexpensive domain names but not including many of the services that used to come automatically.

Using a Web Pro is a good use of Experience and WisdomWhat do I mean?

Well, recently a client purchased a domain for a low dollar investment.

Once we signed into the account, we discovered that all was available with that domain was to change the nameservers. To do anything else with the domain name (other than change the details on a VERY generic page) cost over $10 to add that service to the name.

Review BEFORE you BUY!

So, again, it is  important to review terms and conditions BEFORE you buy a domain from a major registrar OR especially from a reseller.

Why? Well, you may discover that you bought the domain for one purpose and once you check out the details, find that you will pay for each additional service for your domain – like forwarding, masking, email, privacy, or any other type of option that involves your domain.  Remember, if you buy it from a reseller, you are also adding another layer of complexity to managing your web presence.

I am not saying that all resellers are a problem. However, think about what happens if you have an issue with your domain and hosting working together – if you cannot easily access your account and make changes…

then who do you call?

Is it the reseller? Or the registrar behind them? What if the registrar doesn’t know you because you are a client of the reseller? What if you must call an international number to talk with your domain company? If that isn’t a problem, okay – just as long as you understand the details.

Does this sound unlikely? I’ve had 2 people ask me about this and have difficulties with this exact problem.

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