WordPress websites (hosted by your company – not the free hosted version) require updates and tweaks from time to time.

WHY DOES MY DASHBOARD SAY …. Please update now?

Innovation – Creativity – Some Beta Testing

WordPress is a great blogging format. It is open source and has a multitude of coders working to change and improve it every hour of every day – somewhere in the world. It is one of the innovative outlets that encourage people to share their code expertise. That is the the good news.

Now, for the bad news, it is also a target for hackers to try and either break code or infiltrate unsuspecting website owners’ code and add malicious code or bad stuff. So for security reasons, it is important to not only backup your website regularly, but also have someone to help with updates.

Oh, updates are easy to do and won’t cause problems, right?

Well, yes and no! I’ve found that when you get in the mindset of oh, these updates are a piece of cake and just do them automatically, that is when the unexpected and unfortunate problems arise.

There are a Lot of Parts Involved

You see, there are plugins that enhance your WordPress website and there are themes, and the WordPress version all working to make your website awesome.

Problem is that all those parts, including your content, are created and changed at different times. The code options and logic may change and old plugins or themes may break. This is where a full backup and a data only backup may be the saving grace BEFORE you make updates.

Who You Gonna Call? Or DIY?

If you had a professional help set up your website, it is good to call on them, or someone like them to work on your updates. Most of the time, the update may take a few minutes, but if something goes wrong. It is better for the techie to have the backups and know-how to recover your website assets.

Also, many people choose a Free Theme, created by someone who at some time was creative and inspired to build a theme or more and share freely with the world. Chances are good that if they were doing it for fun, then their theme will at some point not work properly as updates happen with plugins and WordPress.

That is why as a website designer, I work with a company that is dedicated to creating and maintaining their themes and provide support as part of their business plan. I use iThemes and have a license to use their themes and plugins on multiple websites. They also offer resources that allow me to train and find out about their products/services and WordPress.

Lessons for Today:

  • Backups are important
  • Updates are important
  • Be Prepared or Ask for Help

By the way, regular static websites should have some maintenance on a regular basis too – this usually takes a professional or a certain level of expertise. Neal Resources is happy to consult with you and find out if there is some assistance we can offer.